Warning: Altis v7 is no longer supported.

DNS Configuration

To route a custom domain to the Altis platform you will need to configure DNS records. Once your account is created and you are ready to configure DNS, Altis Support will provide you a project-specific domain to use in a CNAME record. This will be in the form [project].altis.cloud. For example:

www.example.com CNAME my-project.altis.cloud

Altis can only provide hostnames to be used in DNS records, not IP addresses. Therefore you must use CNAME records when configuring and managing your own DNS. CNAME records are not supported on the domain apex (or "naked domain") such as example.com.

All Altis properties must be hosted on a subdomain, such as www. unless using Altis managed nameservers.

Domain Apex

It's common to implement a redirect from the domain apex to the subdomain, such as redirecting example.com to www.example.com. There are two options to support this in Altis Cloud:

  1. Use Altis managed nameservers (see below)
  2. Use your domain registrar or self-hosted service to redirect the domain apex to the subdomain. Many domain registrars support this service, and typically call it "web forwarding" or "web redirect".

Managed Nameservers

Altis can manage the DNS records for you, by being the authoratative nameserver for your domain. This has some advantages and disadvantages:


  • The domain apex can be used to either host your Altis properties or provide apex redirects such as example.com to www.example.com
  • Altis Cloud can manage and verify SSL certificates on your behalf
  • Altis Cloud can validate email sedning domains, and manage DKIM and SPF records on your behalf


  • Any external DNS updates you want to make will need to be handled via Altis Support requests