Warning: Altis v8 is no longer supported.


It's a common task to apply custom branding to match the site to various parts of the CMS, especially those that are public facing.

Login screen

You can change the logo shown on the CMS login screen using the login-logo configuration option to provide a project root relative path to an image file.

	"extra": {
		"altis": {
			"modules": {
				"cms": {
					"login-logo": "/content/site-logo.svg"

Custom Admin Colour Scheme

If the default colour scheme does not meet the accessibility needs of your staff you can register custom schemes to provide high contrast alternatives. To register a custom admin colour scheme add the following function on the admin_init action.

wp_admin_css_color( string $key, string $name, string $url, array $colors = [], array $icons = [] );

NB: note the American spelling of color in the function name.

  • key: The unique key for this theme.
  • name: The name of the theme.
  • url: The URL of the CSS file containing the colour scheme.
  • colors: An array of CSS colour definition strings (hexadecimal format) which are used to give the user a feel for the theme. These colours are displayed in admin Users > Your Profile > Admin Color Scheme (if there are more than one available).
  • icons: CSS colour definitions (hexadecimal format) used to colour any SVG icons.
    • base: SVG icon base colour, in hexadecimal format.
    • focus: SVG icon colour on focus, in hexadecimal format.
    • current: SVG icon colour of current admin menu link, in hexadecimal format.


add_action( 'admin_init', 'add_colour_scheme' );
function add_colour_scheme() {
			_x( 'Dusk', 'admin colour scheme' ),
			admin_url( "path/to/css/file/dusk.css" ),
			[ '#25282b', '#363b3f', '#69a8bb', '#e14d43' ],
				'base'    => '#f1f2f3',
				'focus'   => '#fff',
				'current' => '#fff',