Warning: Altis v10 is no longer supported.

Nginx Configuration

Altis Cloud uses Nginx for the web server which is responsible for serving static files, and proxying requests to PHP for dynamic content. For advanced customization we support additional Nginx configuration via the project codebase.

Nginx will look for an additional file in your project repository at .config/nginx-additions.conf and will load it into the server {} context of the main configuration.

Developers can use this advanced configuration to do complex redirect, rewrites or other server-level routing.

For example, if you want to redirect a specific domain to a new domain and for some reason not able to do this at the PHP / application layer:


if ( $host = "example.com" ) {
    rewrite ^ https://sub2.example.com$request_uri? permanent;

Alternatively, if you have one or more local files in your repository you wish to explicitly block from being publicly accessed you may manually configure a 404 for a specific resource or filename pattern:

# Block access to any file entitled `config.local.yaml`.
location ~* config.local.yaml {
    deny all;
    return 404;