Warning: Altis v12 is no longer supported.

Altis CLI Command

The Altis CLI command is used for general maintenance tasks and allows other modules and custom code to hook in.

wp altis migrate

The migration command runs all basic maintenance tasks required after upgrading Altis. By default this includes:

  • Ensuring the WordPress database schema is up to date
  • Ensuring the Cavalcade database schema is up to date
  • Creating the Global Content Repository

There are 2 ways to hook into this command:

  1. Using the altis.migrate action hook:
    add_action( 'altis.migrate', function ( array $args, array $assoc_args ) {
        // Run upgrade routines here.
    } );
  2. Using WP CLI hooks:
    WP_CLI::add_hook( 'after_invoke:altis migrate', function () {
        // Run migration routines here.
    } );

If you wish to run additional WP CLI commands on this hook you can do so using the WP_CLI::runcommand() method.

WP_CLI::add_hook( 'after_invoke:altis migrate', function () {
    WP_CLI::runcommand( 'cli info' );
} );