Warning: Altis v13 is no longer supported.


Analytics is the gathering, understanding and application of data to measure, improve and make sites smarter.

Native Analytics

Altis provides its own analytics layer as part of the infrastructure by default. This provides numerous benefits, not only from the perspective of GDPR, privacy, and owning your data but it enables powerful features including real time stats, A/B testing, and personalization.

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Optimization Framework

Built on top of the native analytics feature the Altis optimization framework provides editorial teams with features such as A/B testing and tools to personalize content to provide a better and more effective user experience. In addition it gives developers an extensible API for creating custom tests, conversion goals and more.

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Google Tag Manager

There are many 3rd party providers of analytics so this module provides a simple interface to add Google Tag Manager containers, the recommended way to add and manage 3rd party JavaScript on your site.

Google Tag Manager provides comprehensive integration with Google Analytics, Google Optimize and other tools in the 360 suite. Additionally, there is built-in support for services including ChartBeat, comScore, Parse.ly, Hotjar and many more.

Conversion tracking can also be handled through GTM and the data collected used to set up remarketing.