Warning: Altis v13 is no longer supported.


XML RPC (Remote Procedure Call) is a type of API which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism.

It is used to enable remote management of applications, for example via mobile or desktop apps.

By default XML RPC is enabled. If you wish to disable the processing of requests, set the xmlrpc configuration property to false

	"extra": {
		"altis": {
			"modules": {
				"cms": {
					"xmlrpc": false

This change won't stop traffic from making requests to XML-RPC, it only disables the functionality in WordPress.

To block the traffic from reaching the application completely, you can use custom nginx rules in nginx-additions.conf to block all access:

# Block XMLRPC
location ~* xmlrpc.php {
    deny all;
    return 404;