Warning: Altis v13 is no longer supported.


Some Image URLs Are Broken With Tachyon Enabled

Prior to WordPress 5.3.1 any image files uploaded with a file name like example-300x300.jpg were allowed and unmodified. In order to better support automatic modification of image URLs for features like responsive images the dimensions are removed.

In order to work properly and for performance reasons Tachyon requires all images to not have dimensions as their suffix.

Altis provides a migration command to rename legacy images and make the necessary database updates. The command will rename images, regnerate thumbnails and update the attachment data by default. It is highly recommended to pass the --search-replace flag to update your post content and post meta data too.

The database tables and columns the search & replace is performed on can be altered but default to only updating post content and post meta to keep the process as quick as it can be.

wp media rename-images [--network] [--sites-page=<int>] [--search-replace] [--tables=<tables>] [--include-columns=<columns>]

Recommended usage:

wp media rename-images --network --search-replace --url=<primary site hostname>
  • --network if present will run the process for all sites on the network.
  • --sites-page allows you to change the current page of sites. 100 sites will be processed at a time so if you have more you will need to run the command again for each page of sites.
  • --search-replace if present will perform a database search and replace process for the updated image names.
  • --tables defaults to wp*_posts, wp*_postmeta and accepts a comma separated list of tables you wish to run the update on. Wildcards are supported.
  • --include-columns defaults to post_content, meta_value and accepts a comma separated list of database table columns you want to perform the updates on.

Note that this command will take a long time to run when updating the database as well. Additionally the more tables and columns you update the slower this command will be.