Developer Documentation

Native Analytics

Altis Analytics provides a built in tool for tracking and analyzing user behavior across the site in real time. It is enabled by default but can be switched off via the configuration file:

	"extra": {
		"altis": {
			"modules": {
				"analytics": {
					"native": false

Analytics data is stored in an S3 data lake and delivered to Elasticsearch where it is 1-5 minutes behind real-time.

The data is queried from Elasticsearch in the application providing a powerful query language with filtering and aggregations for collecting statistics and other metrics.

Altis Analytics can power features such as popular posts widgets, personalisation and A/B tests.

Data Structure and APIs

The highly flexible analytics data set is the engine behind audiences, and the Altis Optimization Framework.

Learn about the available APIs and the data structure in detail here.

Optimization Framework

Altis Optimization Framework is a flexible and extensive framework that enables Content Optimization through Personalization features like Experience Blocks, and Experimentation features like A/B tests.


Audiences are a powerful tool for driving personalisation and gaining insights through testing and reporting.


Discover how Altis helps to respect your visitor's privacy by helping you control how long to keep data for and learning how to process analytics data for long term storage.