Optimization Framework

Altis Optimization Framework is the set of APIs that builds on top of Altis Native Analytics, to provide the tooling needed to enable Personalization and Experimentation features.

Altis Experience Blocks are built on this framework.


Experiments are a powerful tool for optimizing content and measuring the effectiveness of changes to the site.

The framework is enabled by default, and provides a friendly developer API for creating custom experiments, as well as some built in A/B tests out of the box.

While the experiments framework is only used for A/B tests at the moment, it is flexible enough to build more types of experiments beyond just that.

Learn more about A/B testing features and APIs in Altis.


Using Native Analyics, Altis provides the tooling needed to provide personalized content to users of the platform, based on custom audience segments created via the Audiences feature.

The framework is enabled by default, and provides a built-in Personalized Content Experience Block available in the Block Editor, where you can create different variations of the block and assign each to a specific audience group.

The framework also provides a developer API to that facilitates the use of personalization features outside of the context of the Block Editor as well.

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