Workflows provides teams with the flexibility to automate common tasks, enforcing quality standards and communicating more effectively by integrating notifications and actions with existing tools.

Clone & Amend

Altis makes it possible to easily clone existing posts allowing for easy creation of similar pages. You can make template pages or posts stored as drafts, clone them, edit and publish.

It's a common requirement to be able to make modifications to content that is already published. WordPress does not support this out of the box but in Altis you can create amendments, work on them for as long as you need and only publish the changes when you are ready to.

Read more about post cloning and making amendments here.


Notifications fill in the gaps between events happening and informing those who need to take any subsequent actions. Find out more about how to create custom notifications and integrations.

Editorial comments

Editorial comments allow content creators to discuss and track the progress of their work as well as assign a piece of content to someone else.

Built-in notifications

Some common workflow scenarios including a publishing approval workflow are provided by default but you can disable them as necessary if your needs are more complex.

You can find more details about the default workflows here.