Altis Analytics by default does not record visitor IP addresses to help protect privacy.

Altis Analytics integrates natively with the Altis Privacy module Consent feature and requires the statistics-anonymous category to be consented to at a minimum.

While the statistics-anonymous consent category is opted into by default, that option can be changed via a filter if you have strict requirements regarding tracking.

// Only allow functional cookies by default.
add_filter( 'altis.consent.allowlisted_categories', function () {
	return [ 'functional' ];
} );

Without the statistics category of consent, the endpoint.User data will be stripped from the data sent to Altis Analytics. To help protect your user's privacy, any personally identifiable information should only ever be stored under the endpoint.User.UserAttributes property. You can read more about this in the section on Data Structure.

Data Retention

Analytics data is stored in 2 locations:

  • S3 backup
  • Elasticsearch

S3 backup data older than 90 days is automatically removed. Elasticsearch data is retained by default for the maximum 90 days. This value can be configured down to a minimum of 1 day.

To configure the data retention time the following configuration option is available:

	"extra": {
		"altis": {
			"modules": {
				"analytics": {
					"native": {
						"data-retention-days": 7

The data-retention-days property accepts an integer between 1 and 90. Data older than this will be automatically deleted at midnight every day.

Collecting Long Term Data

For an example of collecting and storing over longer periods of time see the cumulative statistics example.