Altis Afterburner is our PHP extension designed specifically to turbocharge your WordPress performance on Altis Cloud.

Afterburner Cache

Afterburner cache is our object cache drop-in that replaces the existing PHP extension with a high-performing alternative to turbocharge your WordPress performance.

It works by maintaining a local in-memory object cache, shared across multiple PHP threads, but synchronised with the main Redis object cache. This reduces the overhead of calls to Redis for the most frequently used cache items, and in particular, speeds up the WordPress bootstrap process at the start of each request.

The extension keeps in sync with the Redis object cache using PubSub notifications and multi-value data transfers to maintain the correct state efficiently.

Safety first features

Should the Redis server disconnect or be unavailable for a period, the local cache will be cleared to prevent data race conditions.


To activate Afterburner on your environment, create a support ticket with the request.