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Getting help with Altis

If you need help, this guide will show you how to most effectively get you the help you need.

Altis Dashboard

While we support a few methods, the primary method and the route you should choose, is the Altis Dashboard Support button.

We break down support into different types. Each has their own language and processes, but they're somewhat intuitive once you internalize the language a little. Let's go over the types.

We currently have four types of support. Below is a description of each and how they are different from each other.


Incidents are unplanned events that negatively impact service, or quality of service of Altis. Be this part of the hosting infrastructure, or on the software side of Altis, if something isn’t getting the expected result, this would be an Incident, and requires investigation.

From the support side, Incidents get a rapid response. If the site is down, this is an Incident, with a priority of ‘Urgent’. Alarm bells will ring, and we’ll put out the fires to get things running again by any means necessary.

Incidents focus on immediate attention, with an emphasis on immediate remediation. Remediating an Incident can take the form of temporary patches, which brings us to the next support type.


Problems are the cause of, or potential cause of Incidents. Incidents revolve around something unexpected. If a site is down, that’s an Incident, but the Problem is a known cause of an issue you wish to track, and coordinate help with. Problems typically take longer to resolve, as an appropriate solution is thought out and worked on.


There’s an array of tasks that might you need help with. Typically, this might mean provisioning of infrastructure to accommodate some need, it might be providing access to some tool or service used by the team, or it could be to run an operation that requires a cloud engineer. Tasks should be well described.


This type is fairly self explanatory. Have a question for us? Ask!

If you have a technical question or require clarification on a feature, just open a support question.


The second method for creating a support ticket is email. This is offered as a backup option should you be unable to open tickets via the Altis Dashboard for any reason.

The following email addresses can be used to create different types of ticket as indicated: