Available Versions

The available versions for MySQL are 5.7 and 8.0

MySQL defaults to version 8.0 however you can change the version in your config if your cloud environments have not yet been updated and you need to match them:

	"extra": {
		"altis": {
			"modules": {
				"local-server": {
					"mysql": "8.0"

Interacting with the Database

You can log into MySQL and run any query in the default database (wordpress) by using:

composer server db

Use composer server db info to retrieve MySQL info and connection details:

Root password:  wordpress

Database:       wordpress
User:           wordpress
Password:       wordpress

Port:           32809

Version:        8.0
MySQL link:     mysql://wordpress:wordpress@

Use composer server db sequel to open the database in Sequel Ace. This command can only be run under MacOS and requires Sequel Ace to be installed on your computer.

Use composer server db exec -- "<command>" to execute and output the results of an arbitrary SQL command:

composer server db exec -- 'select id,post_title from wordpress.wp_posts limit 2;'