Upgrading to v15

If you are migrating from WordPress to Altis, check out the migrating guide first.

To upgrade to Altis v15, edit your composer.json and change the version constraint for altis/altis and any local environment modules to ^15.0.0.

  "require": {
	"altis/altis": "^15.0.0"
  "require-dev": {
	"altis/local-server": "^15.0.0"
  "config": {
	"platform": {
	  "php": "8.0"

Once you have made these changes run composer update and then run the wp altis migrate command:

# For cloud environments
wp altis migrate

# For local server
composer server cli -- altis migrate

Breaking Changes

PHP 8.2

Altis v15 introduces experimental support for PHP 8.2 in both local and cloud environments. There are a number of backward incompatible changes in PHP 8.2 which should be taken into consideration and addressed.

Refer to our PHP Version Guide for up-to-date compatibility, testing and upgrading information.

Headline Features

WordPress 6.2

WordPress 6.2 brings the Site Editor out of beta with an updated interface, giving you a new way to interact with the entire site. It also brings a new sidebar experience, a smoother experience with the Block Inserter and integration with Openverse's library catalogs. Also, writing-focused improvements will delight your content creators with the Distraction Free mode. Additionally, several performance improvements are included with the latest WordPress release.

The WordPress 6.2 Field Guide is a great place to learn about what's new. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Site Editor out of beta
  • There is a new server-side HTML parsing API
  • Better PHP 8.0-8.2 compatibility with the updated Requests library
  • Bundled fonts in Themes

PHP 7.4 Security Support

As one of our top priorities, security is taken seriously in Altis. In Altis v13 the support for PHP 7.4 has been removed, and customers asked to follow the PHP Version Guide for information on how to upgrade to PHP 8.0 or PHP 8.1.

For the environments still running in PHP 7.4 we have released new PHP images which receive backports of security fixes from maintained branches.

Altis Core improvements

A number of modules and libraries have been updated to incorporate important bug fixes and improvements.


Some of our developer focussed documentation has been clarified and improved, taking on board feedback from our customers and partners.