Accessing Logs

You have access to several types of logging from sites on Altis have following logs available:

  • PHP Error log (two week retention)
  • Nginx Error log (two week retention)
  • WordPress Cron task logs (via Cavalcade, indefinite retention)
  • Email logs (one month retention)
  • Access logs (via a custom REST API endpoint, indefinite retention)

The logs can be viewed via Altis Dashboard under a site's Logs tab.

The date range can be specified for all logs types. Some log types will also support additional filtering such as cron logs.

Log Delivery

Log delivery to CloudWatch can be switched off, however this is not recommended as logs will not be available in the Altis Dashboard.

    "extra": {
        "altis": {
            "modules": {
                "cloud": {
                    "php-errors-to-cloudwatch": false